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If any one recognize's any of these photograph's please let me know.

LEFT, This could be Stephen Edward Brooker Rowing and Marjorie Isabella (nee Polden)
I have seen a photo of them when they were older. Stephen was the son of John Stephen Rowing and his second wife Georgiana Mary (nee Brooker). John was the brother of Charlotte Pooley Wenn (nee Rowing).
A copy of this photo used to hang on the wall in Thomas George and Frances Martha Weller's home. (Information from Thomas Henry Weller Grandson of Thomas and Frances

Who is she ? Wenn or Rowing or ??
Who is she ??Can you help us ?
Who are in this wedding photo
This could be Frances Martha Rowing and Harriet Weller. Frances married Thomas George Weller and Harriet his sister married John Stephen Rowing the brother of Frances in 1892.
Also there was another double wedding , brother and sister Reuben Arthur and Lucy Wenn married ? in 1901. So this could be Lucy and ?.
Who is this with her two son's

who is he in WWI??
Her name is Grace

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