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This is our Wenn Family Album here for you to look at it

This is Charlotte Pooley Wenn(Nee Rowing) with six of her children. Left to right, Frances, Edwin, Charlotte with Harry, William, Sarah and front Stephen. Taken 1908.

Harry and Stephen about 1913

Edwin & Charlotte Wenn
enjoying a day by the Sea.
1866-1959 1868-1957

Grandad Edwin Thomas
with his prize marrow


This is Harry Thomas & Stephen Rowing Charles Wenn (The sons' of Edwin and Charlotte Wenn) 1908-1968. 1907-1954.

This is William Bennett Wenn (Bill) Son of Edwin and Charlotte. This photo was sent to Ted for the New Year 1.1.1920.1898-1931.

Dad (Ted) Edwin in party mood. {Son of Edwin and Charlotte Wenn 1902-1978)

This is Sarah Ann (Daughter of Edwin and Charlotte) The photo was taken February 1949. 1903-1994

This is Phyllis Primrose (Daughter of Edwin and Charlotte) Picture taken 1942.1914-1974

Phyllis about 1918

Frances Charlotte Wenn (Daughter of Edwin and Charlotte) 1900-1972

Frances taken 1918

Sarah and Frances Wenn

Back Row: Ted and Sarah Wenn
Second Row: Harry, Stephen and Phyllis Wenn Photo in 1916 -17

This is Ted taking his dog for a bike-ride

This is Edwin and Charlotte's niece,the daughter of William Robert Thomas Wenn and Ann (nee Hales).William was the brother of Edwin Thomas Wenn

Arthur Wenn, Nephew of Edwin and Charlotte

Stephen Rowing Charles Wenn 1941

Arthur taken about 1952. Although Stephen and Arthur were cousins they were also best friends.

William Bennett Wenn (Bill) 1925. Known ships he served on are H.M.S. Surprise and H.M.S. Penbroke.

Bill Left (Second Row)

Bill and Ted

Charlotte and Phyllis 1914

(Left to Right) Edwin, Charlotte, Frances, Sarah, Phyllis and Ted with their new family of kittens about 1919.

Stephen taken in Ted's garden about 1952

Edwin and Charlotte in their garden

George Cannon (Centre) George was a friend of Bill's and was introduced to the family. George spent his childhood in a children's home. Edwin and Charlotte treated him as their own son. George was also in the Navy with Bill before joining the Army. Died 1980 London.

Edwin enjoying his Birthday Party. Left to Right Sarah and her Husband William Packham, Edwin, Phyllis and Frances.

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